Miss Malvina Stay Fit 30 Days of Water Challenge Week 3

Oh wow, I don’t think I’ve ever went to the restroom as often as last week!

30 Days of Water Challenge – Week 1

I started off on day one with only 3 glasses of water. I ran around all day doing all kinds of chores and kinda forgot about the whole challenge. I just remembered at the end of the day. So I swore to be better the next.

Day two went great! I wanted to challenge myself and drank 11 glasses of water, when “only” 8 were required and felt like a hero! (Is drinking tons of water considered a super hero power?)

On day three I went to the office again. But of course I made sure to take the sheet with me to cross off all glasses of water I had that day.  Keeping track makes me go about this topic with a lot more sincerity and it makes drinking water a fun activity. At work my colleagues and I always compare our sheets at the end of the day to see who drank more water.

Day four came along and turned out to be quite successful – 10 glasses of water. whoop whoop

Day five went off to a promising start. But somehow I only counted 7 glasses of water at the end of the day. Tomorrow I’ll do better.

Day six was awesome! I worked in my home office at the computer all day long, having my sheet of paper lying right next to me. What a great reminder! It’s getting easier now.

drink 8 glasses per day for 30 days sheet

Day 7 held the great achievement of drinking 10 glasses of water. Yeay!

I have to admit though, I run to the toilet so many times now. I always had a small bladder but it did manage to get worse. I feel good about myself though as I know I am doing something good for my body! I feel active and more awake.

Are you doing the 30 day water challenge as well? How are your experiences? Any advice for me?

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