Miss Malvina Stay Fit 30 Days of Water Challenge Week 3

Drinking enough water when traveling is difficult but so important!

30 Days of Water Challenge – week 2

Day 8 went really well. As I am currently working on a term paper that needs to be handed in pretty soon, I am at my desk most of the day. Therefore, my little sheet of paper, where I cross off all the glasses of water I drank is placed right next to me. Every hour or so I’d remember that I hadn’t had a drink in a while. I can’t put enough emphasis on how much this little sheet helps me through the whole challenge. It makes it a fun activity! And a little competition, as I want to be better than the day before, is always helpful. I completed day 8 with 11 glasses of water.

Day 9 : 10 glasses of water – check!

On day 10 I drank 11 glasses of water. Yeay! Feeling confident.

Day 11 went well! 10 glasses of water!

Day 12 was great! 11 glasses of water accomplished.

On day 13 I went on vacation. As I was afraid of needing the bathroom too often while being on the plane I didn’t drink as much as I should have. I feel bad for only drinking 7 glasses of water but on traveling days it’s difficult to keep up the challenge.

On day 14 I did all kinds of touristy stuff. I explored the city and walked around all day, refilling my water bottle as I went. Unfortunately, I didn’t drink nearly as much as I should have as I didn’t want to look for a bathroom all the time. I wanted to enjoy myself and as I was looking at all the monuments I have to admit, I somehow forgot about the challenge. I did however order water bottles in restaurants. Therefore, I ended up drinking around 8 glasses of water.

Ms Malvinas 2nd week statistics of the 30 days of water challenge.

Even through drinking water when traveling is more difficult than when being at home or work, I feel like it’s even more important. The air at airports is usually drying your skin and when walking around all day exploring a city, it is important to drink enough water as all this walking may get exhausting. So try your best and drink enough water by carrying a bottle of water around with you and ordering water at restaurants instead of juices or sugary drinks. If you feel like you forget to drink water, you can try to set a timer on your phone every hour to remind you of drinking some water. There are also apps available that have a timer preinstalled, such as the water drink reminder or the Plant Nanny -Water reminder . Every hour or so, either the sound of spilling water or a picture of a cute plant that slowly dries out unless you drink some water will remind you to keep drinking.

Are you also doing the 30 days of water challenge? How are you keeing up? Let me know in the comments below.

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