Miss Malvina Stay Fit 30 Days of Water Challenge Week 3

I’m vacationing again. Lucky for me, not so lucky for this challenge. I am trying my best!

30 Days of Water Challenge – Week 3

Day 15 wasn’t any better. As I was walking through town all day long, I didn’t drink as much. It was far easier to get those 8 glasses of water in when being at the office or at home as I had easy access to a restroom and also reminded myself of drinking enough water.

Day 16 was a travelling day as well. I stayed at the airport for a couple of hours drinking coffee and water. I remembered the water challenge then and tried my best to drink enough water. 6 glasses in total.

On day 17 I didn’t do much buch relax. I had a stay-at-home-in-my-pyjama kind of day. Therefore, I only drank 6 glasses of water.

Day 18 was a huge turnaround!  I wanted to get a kick start and drank  a glass of water before even getting to the office. I then drank 12 glasses of water that day! Whoop whoop!!! I am stoked!

Day 19 went well again – 11 glasses of water in total. I think I’m on a good run here.

Day 20 was a traveling day again. I drank 3 glasses of water in the morning to get to a good start and finished the day with 8 glasses of water.

Day 21 was the same as the previous day. 8 glasses.

Ms Malvinas 30 day of water challenge week 3 statistics

It’s so though to keep up drinking those 8 glasses of water every day. If it were summer, if I’d be doing a heavy workout or if I were to be sitting at the desk all day working, I wouldn’t mind so much. My body would be thirsty on its own and I’d drink a lot more water, for sure. But since I am traveling a little this month I’ve been so busy. Then, I don’t remember to drink water and chose a juice at the restaurant instead or just don’t drink as much as I am sightseeing and won’t find a restroom as easily. It’s bothering me that drinking those 8 glasses of water isn’t something my body has adapted to yet. Also I don’t see many benefits from doing all this yet. People said their skin got a lot more hydrated. Because of all the heating my skin is rather dry and I am having a hard time keeping it hydrated. I guess I just have to believe that it’s good for my organs and that my skin will thank me later when I am old and wrinkly (Or hopefully not). 🙂

I hope you liked this post. If you did, leave a comment telling me how you manage to drink enough water throughout the day.

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