Miss Malvina Stay Fit 30 Days of Water Challenge week 4

Close, but not quite there jet. I need to remind myself to drink more water!

30 Days of Water Challenge – Week 4

On Day 22 I drank 7 glasses of water and treated myself with a glass of white wine at the lovely Italian restaurant we went to for a family member’s birthday. I wanted to treat myself to a nice meal with family and didn’t care much about drinking enough water. I had some in between through.

The following day, day 23, I had all of 8 glasses. Yes, daily goal achieved! I went and had a lovely brunch with close friends and ordered some juice at the restaurant but drank all that water after returning home.

On day 24 I went to the gym again but for whatever reason I didn’t drink nearly as much water as I should have. Only 7 glasses in total.

30 days of water challenge drink more water sticky note reminder

Day 25 was a day spend at the office again. Therefore, I drank a lot of water as I can keep track a lot easier. 10 glasses of water on that day.

Same old thing on day 26: office day, keeping track, 10 glasses of water.

On day 27 I did a stupid thing. While making hard boiled eggs and wanting to color them for Easter, I poured hot boiling water into my lap. It burned my skin and hurt so much! As you can imagine, I was quite preoccupied that day with trying to cool my skin down and making it better. Therefore, I drank 5 glasses of water that day only.

I spend most of day 28 staying on the couch recovering and having a lot of time to myself. So, I remembered to drink enough water. All in all, it were 8 glasses.

30 days of water challenge week 4 statistcis

Looking at the statistics of this week, I didn’t drink enough water. An average of 7, 86 is very close to 8 but not quite 8 and of course I’d be a lot happier if my average was way above 8 glasses. But, I guess it’s all about trying your best. I think the main point is that I keep forgetting if I am not at the office. I don’t want to put an hourly timer on my phone as this may disrupt me when I am doing important things. Also, if I am out and about I can’t be drinking as much as the nearest restroom might be quite far away. If anyone has a solution to this problem, be so kind and tell me down below.

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  1. Hi Malvina,

    ich habe leider keine Idee, aber ich finde Deinen Bericht sehr gut gelungen…. großes Lob.

    Lieben Gruß

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