Making excuses – already?!

The first week of my journey is up now. I’ve been to the gym twice during this week. After getting home from a long day of work I really didn’t feel like going to the gym much.
So, going twice is all I could do. And then when it was the weekend, I made excuses not to go as I still have those term papers to write for university and I also wanted to have a nice sweatpants sunday. And then, I ate two donuts as well to satisfy my sweet tooth. Which isn’t good, obviously. But I just couldn’t help it! I really hoped eating a salad the following day would make up for it. Anyone else who doesn’t get satisfied from just eating a plain salad? Me, I need the whole range of veggies, and seeds and preferably some tuna or chicken breast as well to make me feel satisfied. Otherwise I’ll get hungry in an hour or two. Anyways..I’m rambling now. I need to get better next week. They have Yoga classes 3 times a week at the fitness studio I go to. And many other fun classes with butt workouts or cardio training as well. So there is really no excuse anymore.
I’ll be better next week!


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